Friday, August 6, 2010

First Florida Show

Craft shows. You never know what the day is going to be like. This particular show will be my first one since I moved down to Florida in January. Away from the familiar, I must admit I'm a bit nervous. 

Previous shows I've done in Iowa were with familiar places and friendly faces. Craft Saturday was a great gathering of local indie crafters from Iowa run by a talented and super accommodating crafter extraordinaire Danelle Williams. She always made me feel welcome, and brought in a great variety of artists and crafters. The best part was I could share a table with my fellow crafter, neighbor, and bestie Chrissy Jensen, who now owns Domestica

Showing up to her house early in the morning to tag my products, hauling the tables in and out of the venue, filling my travel mug full of secret cocktails to make the day more interesting, and laughing.... a lot.  She held my hand through a lot of the process and I liked it. 

Now, it's just me. 

Bigger venue, more crafters, more everything, and it's all new to me. No familiar faces, no return customers, no inside jokes. I'll admit, it's a bit intimidating, but this is what I asked for. I wanted to follow my dream of being ME. The me that I wanted to be. "BE Your Own Hero". That keeps repeating in my head after listening to Eps.34 on Indie BIz Chicks podcast by Chrissy Herron

I'm ok with the newness. I've made friends with it. It will be the motivation that makes me push myself. Without the familiar, there are no preconceived expectations, which means I can raise the bar as high as I want. 

Now it's not JUST me. It's me and whatever else I want to achieve. 



    I'm following you. That's like internets stalking. :P

  2. Weee! Hello dahlink. I remember the craft show we did too! It resulted in Caney, red wine spills and lots of fun!

  3. "Be your own hero", also a quote from Whip It. :) You've always been my hero, sissy. You've got the guts, glamour and talent to do whatever you want. keep on being abfab.

  4. I thought you'd like that quote. Yeah, I forgot to mention it was on the movie poster's for Whip it too.
    You are abfab.

  5. You've done the hardest part already by sticking with it + not giving up. I wish I was headed to a craft show with you, but thanks to technology ("I-I-I-I love technology, but no-o-o-t as much as I love you!"), thanks to technology, I'm not that far, really (thx to Reba at Rar Rar for that last bit o wisdom.)

    Also, Deadwards Rox!