Friday, April 15, 2011

You're so Pretty

I actually decided to take an afternoon off from crafting. It's been much needed. The day was going well, painting nails, listening to Beach House, and waiting for my friend to use Google Talk to video chat. (I just discovered the wonders of this. I heart it so much right now when I'm missing my out of town girlies.)

The major added bonus to my afternoon was a package that arrived. I had decided to do an exchange with Cara from Little Pretties by Cara Veeder. It was a box from her. Let's just say I was blown away! Not only did I receive amazing earrings, but packaging is so well thought out and put together. She added a bonus or two which made it all that more exciting. I love surprises! 
the diamond earrings are suede. love. 

Her work is adorable. Very well made and a keen eye for what's feminine, yet classically cool. I couldn't wait to wear all of the earrings. The thing that made me smile the most was the card that said "You're so pretty." Who doesn't want to open a package and have a card in there telling them that? Totally sweet.  And yes, when I put her earrings on I feel pretty. 

Thank you Cara! 

Please visit her wonderful Etsy shop. She has lots of goodies in price ranges that make the "one for you and two for me" gift buying concept work. This also made me realize I have a lot of work to do in the marketing department. I want to have cute packaging too! Cara, you've inspired me. I need to step up my game.